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Benefit from our look inside-function for your thesis! Upload your paper, configurate it in our shop and browse through the finished binding even before printing and binding.

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In the BachelorPrint shop, you can configurate your binding online and see every adjustment in a 3D preview. Plus: we display a live price calculation and the estimated date of delivery.

Thermal binding

The classic for students

The thermal binding is the classic for every academic work! It is used mostly for shorter academic works like papers, assignments, or theses. The thermal binding is also appropriate if a large quantity of bindings is needed. You can choose between seven colours of the backcover. The front film is transparent.

  • Surface: textured in leather look
  • Colours: blue, black, green, red, grey, yellow, white
  • Front film: transparent plastic
  • Suitable for: approx. 2 - 450 pages

Price: from £ 9,90

Available immediately.

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NEW: final check with Look inside function

Our new and innovative Look inside function enables you to do a final check of your paper before printing and binding. This function lets you browse through tbe binding online. You can see every adjusted feature, like folding plans, CD covers or triangular pockets as well as all text and graphic elements in your work.

thermal binding look inside option
3D preview thermal binding

3D online Configurator with delivery-date display and live price calculation

When you configure your thermal binding with the BachelorPrint print-shop, every adjustment you make is displayed in a 3D preview. You can also see a live calculation of your price and the estimated day of delivery.

Range of colors for thermal binding

Thermal binding is offered in seven different colours. Throught the modern adhesive cover with attached front film,  the colour of the thermal binding is already on the front page and completes the classic look of the thermal binding.

The following colours are available for thermal binding:

  • Dark green
  • Black
  • Royal blue
  • Bordeaux red
  • Grey
  • White
  • Sunshine yellow

Frequently Asked Questions

BachelorPrint produces a modern type of thermal binding. The binding is produced as follows:

Step 1: the thermal binding is put into the binding machine.

Step 2: the loose paper stack is put into the thermal binding and tightened.

Step 3: a layer of glue is put on to the firm, taut back of the paper stack and merged together with the thermal binding.

In general, thermal binding is suitable for all types of documents. Concerning academic papers, we recommend it either if a high quantity is needed or for the following  types of work:

We recommend thermal binding for the following types of work:






The thermal binding itself costs £ 9,90. The total price depends on your configuration and your individual page size. Basically, thermal binding is an inexpensive variant for binding documents and study papers.

By the way: with BachelorPrint, you get FREE next day express delivery!

The adhesive cover for thermal binding always has the same size. That means, no matter what page count you have, we always use the same size of cover and then cut it accordingly. This makes it possible to place a rather large number of pages into this binding.

A decisive factor for determining how many pages fit into the thermal binding is also the thickness of the paper. For double sided printing, we recommend 120 g/m² paper as the back-side of the page is less visible through the page. But, of course, less pages can fit into the bindin then. If you choose a paper grade of 100 g/m², more pages will fit into  tehrmal binding with an estimated amount of 150 pages, whereas if you use a paper grade of 120 g/m², you will be able to use thermal binding for a page count of up to 135 pages.

Thermal binding with 100 g/m²Thermal binding with 120 g/m²
20-150 pages20-135 pages

Advantages & disatvantages of thermal binding

Advantages of thermal bindingDisadvantages of thermal binding
Affordable priceRelatively unprotected from external factors
Short production timeEasily creased or dogeared
Clear front filmLooks unsophisticated
Title page of your work visibleEmbossing not an option
Corners and ribbon not an option

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