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How you start the research for your thesis is the topic of the following blog posts.

Research Topics Article

Research Topics

This post covers the subject oft the resarch topic. How to find it and how you work with it in your thesis.

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Research Proposal Example Article

Research Proposal

The research proposal is vital for your research. If your supervisor aren’t agree with your research proposal you can’t start your research. How to write a perfect research proposal can your read in these articles.

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Research Methodology Article

Research Methodology

Each analysis needs students to derive strategies with that to finish their study and supply a conclusive answer to their query. The following blog will give you vital details to keep you well-versed with the topic and introduce you to what research methodology entails.

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Qualitative Research Article

Qualitative Research

While exploring the reasons why data was given, qualitative research allows for the collection of data. This article shows what this type of research is used for, who uses it, how to collect qualitative data, how to analyze it, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages of this research type.

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Quantitative Research Article

Quantitative Research

To provide an accurate report, quantitative research is an integral undertaking that helps researchers collect and analyse data. In this article, we are going to look at important aspects of quantitative research, such as who uses it, when it is used, and its pros and cons.

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Reliability and Validity Article

Reliability and Validity

Reliability and validity are two important concepts that are often relied upon by college students looking to determine the research quality. This article gives you a more detailed look into the two concepts, including their basic definitions and how they are assessed.

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Hypothesis Testing Article

Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing is mainly used to eliminate sampling error as a possible explanation for any fallouts obtained from a research study. As you will see in this article, hypothesis testing is a method often relied upon to help student researchers establish whether a given treatment contains an effect on the subjects of a population.

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Empirical Research Article

Empirical Research

Empirical Resarch is a type of research where the conclusions and decisions are based on valid data or evidence. Many people ascribe to the quote, “I will not believe it unless I see it.” What most don’t know is that this quote came from empirical research enthusiasts in the renaissance period. You will find more information in this article.

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Descriptive Research Article

Descriptive Research

Descriptive research is a research design that is used to investigate different phenomenon and situations. It is used by researchers when they want to define the problem and why it exists  hence the use of varied designs that are added to help the research process. In this article, you will find detailed information.

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Survey Research Article

Survey Research

If you want to gain insight into topics of interest, survey research is the method used in data collection from a specific group of people. This method involves asking the predefined group of people questions on one or several issues. Read this article for more information.

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In-depth Interview Article

In-depth Interview

An in-depth interview is a research  technique where an interviewer engages with a respondent concerning a particular subject to get a detailed exchange of information or find out the respondent’s views on the subject.

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Research Expert Interview

Expert Interview for College/University Students

Expert interviews are qualitative procedures of data gathering with the primary goal of collecting information about a specific field or issue of action. This post will distribute more insights on expert interviews and everything college/university students have to know about the research method.

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Research Grounded Theory

Grounded Theory

If you are a university oder college student, you have probably heard of the term grounded theory. Despite its popularity, not many students seem to understand how this theory works, including its concepts and key elements. In this article you find everything you need to know about the grounded theory.

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Research Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Content analysis is a very important research tool. It’s used to determine schemes of words and concepts in a particular text or a set of documents. In this post, you get a closer look at this research tool.

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Research CRAAP test


The goal of the CRAAP test is to help you analyze the reliability of various sources. Learn more about the CRAAP test by reading the following article.

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Primary and secondary sources

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and secondary sources can be used, when writing a paper. Read this article and learn more about the differences and facts of primary and secondary sources.

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Operationalization is basically the measurement of a phenomenon that is not directly measurable. Operationalization is defining a concept in order to make it measurable, definable and understandable. Learn more about it in this article.

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When doing research, reliability is one of the essential aspects college and university student have to observe in order to create an extensive project. Read this article to learn more about it.

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