BachelorPrint Proofreading

BachelorPrint Online proofreading: Advantages at a glance

professional proofreading

Online proofreading by professional proofreaders

Highly qualified, academic, professional proofreaders to ensure the best possible result from proofreading.

proofreading service range

Broad range of different correction services

Easily find the right offer for your Bachelor’s thesis

proofreading result

Two documents result from proofreading

Two documents as a result: one with visible corrections, one with them already incorporated

proofreading tips

Proofreading includes tips for a flawless Bachelor’s thesis

Recommendations of which steps are missing to make yours the perfect Bachelor’s thesis

proofreading money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

Dissatisfied with the proofreading services? Simply get your money back

Here’s why you should use an online proofreading service for your work

With a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or dissertation, both the content and the language should be error free. To achieve this objective, our academic proofreading team will closely proofread your text.

In particular, spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistent spelling, missing or double spaces, chapter headings and footnotes will be looked at. By doing this, we guarantee: the quality standard of your work will meet the examiner’s standard for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis! With our professional online proofreading service, we will help you get a top mark for your thesis!

Money-back guarantee

If, contrary to our expectations, we haven’t stuck to our promises and you have good reason to complain about our proofreading service, you will get a 100% refund – no ifs, no buts. More information: Our quality promises

Proofreading is recommended for:

  • Assignments
  • Essays
  • Papers
  • Bachelor’s thesis
  • Master’s thesis
  • Dissertations

Example of Proofreading – before & after

Before proofreading

Proofreading original

After proofreading

Proofreading example

Proofreading is our reasonably priced basic online service. If you simply want to have your mistakes corrected but do not want in-depth language revision, then online proofreading is exactly the right service for you. Even for those who have trouble with punctuation and spelling, proofreading is recommended.

BachelorPrint proofreading

The BachelorPrint quality standard: Success for your work

Our quality standard for proofreading is no less than making your work perfect!

You’ve given everything to make your work perfect, so we’ll do so too! Our team of highly qualified academic editors will optimize your work. Your success is our goal.

And you´ll thank us! Customers appreciate that it’s our goal to get the most out of your work together with our professional proofreaders. Want to make your academic work the best it can possibly be? Then order the right online proofreading service now! More info on our quality standard.

Important information on online proofreading

We’d like to offer you the best online proofreading & editing services possible. Be it for project work, a Bachelor’s thesis, a Master’s thesis, paper or dissertation, we’ll ensure a high-quality standard.

The following points are of particular importance to us to get the best result possible from proofreading:

  • When ordering the online proofreading service, please always specify a due date for the corrected document. This makes it easier for us to set the correction times for your work.
  • Please always send us your work as a Word or OpenOffice file, or LaTeX, not as PDF! We can only integrate the corrections directly into your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other type of thesis with these file types.
  • Even if you’ve decided on proofreading, it’s important to do a plagiarism check before. You only need 30 minutes and any important changes can still be made before proofreading.
  • With BachelorPrint, you get double the service for the same price, because, after proofreading, you’ll get two documents. The first document shows the corrections with annotations in the text. The second incorporates the comments and improvements into the text. This saves you the arduous task of making the changes yourself.
  • If you’ve decided on proofreading, but improvements can still be made in terms of expression and style, we’ll let you know and you can decide whether you’d also like to go for Editing PLUS for your work.
  • Note: Professional and extensive editing takes a week depending on the workload. If this doesn’t fit with your deadline, we’ll do our best to correct you work as fast as possible.
  • We always think about working in a holistic way as all components should be perfect for your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other academic work to be a success. If you’ve ordered a cover page check, but further changes are still required to make your thesis perfect, of course we’ll let you know and recommend an editing or proofreading service suitable for your work.