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plagiarism test tool in 10 min

Get your result in just 10 minutes

Your bachelor’s or master’s thesis will be thoroughly searched by the plagiarism software within 10 minutes.

plagiarism test tool no database save

High data protection – no saving!

We do not store your paper permanently in our database and delete your bachelor’s or master’s thesis after 24 hours.

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Comparison with billions of sources

The tool compares your paper with millions of freely accessible sources from the Internet.


Plagiarism package S
up to 8,000 words
14.90 £
Plagiarism package M
up to 60,000 words
24.90 £
Plagiarism package L
more than 60,000 words
34.90 £

Information on the plagiarism test tool

Your text file will be divided into small sentences to make it easier to find suspicious passages and to search the paper thoroughly. These text passages are then compared by the plagiarism test tool with an infinite number of online sources.This process is completely automatic and the search for plagiarism is completed in just a few minutes. You will then receive a so-called plagiarism report. This is a PDF file that contains all suspicious passages and even the online sources (with the link!) where the possible plagiarism comes from.

Now you have enough time to revise your paper again. Best of all: We don’t save your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in a database!

plagiarism test tool file size

Possible file size

max. 50 MB

plagiarism test tool pages

the number of pages

max. 350 pages (750,000 characters)

plagiarism test tool comparison

The sources

the plagiarism test tool uses public online sources

plagiarism test tool in 10 min

Time you need

round about 10 mins

File formats supported by the plagiarism test tool

Plagiarism test tool supported file formats

Important Tip for the plagiarism test tool:
The plagiarism test tool checks all pages including tables, indexes and the reference list. Because the way of citing academic papers is clearly specified, it may well be that there are plagiarisms hidden which of course are not real plagiarism. Avoid this very simply by leaving such pages out of your file when uploading.

FAQs: Asked questions
Using our plagiarism test tool is really very easy. But especially with the bachelor thesis or master thesis you want to be sure of everything. That is why we collected many important questions from our customers and put them together in a FAQ list with all the answers you need: See FAQs

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Plagiarism test tool process

plagiarism test tool price

Step 1: Very easily upload!

Of course, the plagiarism test tool requires your bachelor’s or master’s thesis as a digital file. The tool can process the following types of files: Word or Open Office files and PDF. The program counts now the pages or word count of your file and automatically selects the right package (S, M or L) and start to search after plagiarism.

Step 2: Checking billions of sources in only a few minutes. 

The plagiarism test tool does not compare the pages as a whole, but divides the text into phrases. These are then compared to millions of online sources! It doesn’t matter in which language your bachelor’s thesis or your master’s thesis is written, the program automatically processes different languages. Do not forget that the tool can of course only access public content on the internet.

Note:Universities also use our plagiarism test tool!

Plagiarism test tool in many languages
Plagiarism report plagiarism test tool

Step 3: Simple understanding – The plagiarism report with all needed link!

When the process is complete, you will receive an email with your plagiarism report. You will find coloured passages there, each with a link to ‘the right’ online source. Now compare your paper and the citation method with the respective online source. In a minimum of time your bachelor’s or master’s thesis will be free of plagiarism.

Here is a vivid example for a plagiarism report: Sample plagiarism report after an online plagiarism check

Plagiarism test tool. Safety for your thesis in 10 minutes!

Submit a clean piece of work. We can assist you!

Frequently asked questions

The required time depends on the number of pages in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. For a thesis with 60 to 80 pages the plagiarism test tool needs round about 10 to 20 minutes. A longer paper with 200 to 300 would need an hour.

Yes, the plagiarism test tool checks other languages without special settings. 

No – Unlike most other companies, we do not save your file in a database and delete your file from our server after 24 hours.

Save even more time with using our plagiarism test tool, because you don’t even need an account or a special registration. Just type in the email-address you want to use to get your plagiarism report.

Our tool uses online sources that are freely available. That means billions of sources are available for your plagiarism check. Sources from databases with special admission requirements (e.g. subscriptions or with payments) cannot be considered.

The advantage of using our tool is that we do not save uploaded papers for longer than 24 hours. This means that your bachelor’s or master’s thesis does not become an “online source”. But that is the case with Turnitin.

Why is this a problem? You have had your bachelor thesis, master thesis or any other paper searched for plagiarism and you are now submitting this work. The university will of course also look for plagiarism in your paper, maybe even with the same tool. Because your work is already stored as an online source, the entire paper is now a plagiarism.  Of course, you now have to prove that it is actually your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

You can totally avoid this stress by using our tool – no saving in a database!

Don’t panic if you haven’t received your plagiarism report yet. In the most cases the email is in the spam folder. If the PDF cannot be found there either, just send us an email at [email protected]. Our employees will send you your personal report immediately.

The less pages in your plagiarism report, the better for you. Because only pages come back where the plagiarism test tool has found suspicious passages.

If you hopefully quoted correctly, this passage can still be a citation error. This can happen because an online source may have used the same source that you have and quoted it in the same way. It’s best to check this passage again anyway.

The benefits of using the plagiarism testing tool from BachelorPrint:

  • plagiarism free bachelor’s or master’s thesis
  • We do not save your paper in any database
  • High quality software that checks every sentence
  • perfect for a paper with many pages
  • many convinced students and universities

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