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Get the software result in only 10 min.

You will get the result of the plagiarism software in only 10 minutes. Save a lot of important time shortly before submitting your thesis or paper!

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We don’t save your informations!

You should save your hard work and be careful with uploading files. We will automatically delete your file from our server 24 hours after you have received your report.

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Comparison with billions of sources

BachelorPrint’s plagiarism software has access to millions of online sources. Publicly accessible sources are quickly compared to your paper.


Plagiarism package S
up to 8,000 words
14.90 £
Plagiarism package M
up to 60,000 words
24.90 £
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more than 60,000 words
34.90 £

Information on the plagiarism software

The plagiarism software has a complex algorithm that first divides your bachelor’s or master’s thesis into small parts of sentences. These sentences are then compared to millions of Internet sources. With your plagiarism report you will receive a detailed list of all sentences that are suspected of plagiarism. The best thing about our software is that in this report you also get all online sources that match your paper.

Now you can quickly and easily correct your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and submit your paper!

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max. file size

50 MB

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the max. number of pages

350 pages (approx. 750,000 characters)

plagiarism software comparison

the online sources

free sources that are available online

plagiarism software in 10 min

Needed time

about 10 minutes

The right file formats for the plagiarism software

Plagiarism checker supported file formats

Plagiarism software tips
Of course, the plagiarism software searches every sentence in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, also indexes and tables. You can easily avoid this by omitting these pages in your file.

FAQs: Important questions about the plagiarism software from BachelorPrint
We have collected all important questions about “plagiarism software” and answered them for you:
See FAQs

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Plagiarism Software process

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Step 1: Upload your file with only one click! 

Check your file again and then upload it online in the correct file format with just one click. Every common formats are possible like Word, PDF, Open Office or text-only files. If necessary, you can even upload multiple files at the same time. Our plagiarism software counts now the words and selects the right plagiarism package automatically.

Step 2: Thorough search for plagiarism in millions of online sources. 

The content of your bachelor thesis master thesis or paper is now compared with millions of online sources. Any text that is freely available online is considered a possible source. It doesn’t matter what language your paper is written in, you don’t even have to change the plagiarism software to that language.

Our software is also used by a large number of institutes and universities. This is because an intensive plagiarism search is the order of the day, especially for important academic papers.

Plagiarism software in many languages
Plagiarism report plagiarism software

Step 3: Simple understanding – quick implementation. Plagiarism report with colored sources links and useful traffic light scheme.

Your personal plagiarism report contains a small traffic light and calculates the rate of plagiarism – with a green light and an rate under 5 % you will be on the safe side. After a short check, you will be able to hand over your bachelor’s or master’s thesis to your professor with total peace of mind. Parts suspected of plagiarism are highlighted in colour. You will find the accordingly colored link to the online source in your report. Now you can easily edit your text!

Example plagiarism report of the plagiarism software

Check from the Plagiarism Software in just 10 minutes. Play it safe!

Play it safe. Leave nothing to chance!

Frequently asked questions

For a Bachelor thesis or Master thesis with 40 to 80 pages the plagiarism software needs between 10 and 20 minutes. The concrete time depends on the number of words in your paper. A longer paper with more pages needs more time and can take up to an hour. You will get your resultat in an email.

Yes – The plagiarism software checks papers in all languages.

BachelorPrint never saves any customers files longer than a day. After you get your plagiarism report, we will delete your digital paper after only 24 hours.

If you want to use the plagiarism software you only need your document file and to choose your payment method and the an email to get your plagiarism report – No user account or registering.

Our software uses every online source which is publicly accessible. Databases where payment is required are excluded.

Turnitin saves your data file. BachelorPrint dosen’t saves any uploaded paper!

ATTENTION: If your work is saved in a data, like at Turnitin, this paper will be treat as an normal online source. On the one hand the problem is that your lose kind of your copyright because you are not able to decide which website or database should includes your paper. On the other hand you run the risk of being confronted with plagiarism. Imagen your university checks your paper and realizes that the entire work is plagiarized. This is because you uploaded your work to such a database beforehand.

Maybe this email is in your spam folder – If not just send us a email at [email protected] and you will get your plagiarism report. 

The plagiarism report will only shows the pages which contains possible plagiarism. Clean pages are left out.

You may have quoted correctly in your paper and yet these parts are colored. This could be because you used a print edition to quote. Of course, the plagiarism software searches in online sources and then finds a match.

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