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Compared to billions of online sources

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plagiarism detector in 10 min

Takes just 10 minutes to detect

To use the plagiarism detector you don’t have to schedule a lot of time. The results will arrive 10 minutes after uploading your paper.

plagiarism detector no database save

No saving to a database

Your academic work will be automatically and permanently deleted after the plagiarism check is done. This way you don’t have to worry about your data privacy.

plagiarism detector comparison

Compared with billions of sources

The BachelorPrint plagiarism detoctor helps to compare your academic paper to billions of online sources to check your paper for plagiarism.


Plagiarism package S
up to 8,000 words
14.90 £
Plagiarism package M
up to 60,000 words
24.90 £
Plagiarism package L
more than 60,000 words
34.90 £

Information on the plagiarism detector

You invest weeks or months in the writing of your thesis. It would be dramatic if you spend a lot of energy in the writing process and because of a little mistake in the citation your academic will be marked as plagiarism.

To minimise this danger you can use the BachelorPrint plagiarism detector. In just 10 minutes you can check your paper. With a few clicks you upload your paper and it will be compared to billions of online sources. After the plagiarism checker is done you will receive a plagiarism report with all the results to improve your thesis!

plagiarism detector file size

Maximum file size

50 MB

plagiarism detector comparison

Detector sources

public sources that are available on the web

plagiarism detector pages

Maximum number of pages

350 pages, which are approx. 750,000 characters

plagiarism detector in 10 min

Amount of time

approx. 10 mins

File formats supported by the plagiarism checker

Plagiarism detector supported file formats

Tip for the plagiarism detector
The plagiarism detector scans your whole paper on plagiarism. This includes also tables and indexes. If you don’t want to scan these parts of your paper you should remove them before you upload the document to the plagiarism detector.

FAQs about the plagiarism detector

The most frequently asked questions about the plagiarism detector will be answerd here:

See FAQs

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Save yourself an extra 10% when you print your paper with BachelorPrint. After the finished plagiarism check you will receive a 10% coupon wich you can redeem in our online-shop to print and bind your thesis!

Plagiarism detector process

plagiarism detector package price

Simple upload of your thesis.

The right plagiarism package will be selected automatically.

At first you have the file of your paper, thesis, assignment, or dissertation to our server to get it checked. Our plagiarism checker supports the most common formats like .docx, .pdf and .odt. It’s no problem to ulpload more than one document at the same time. The plagiarism detector will automatically selects the right plagiarism package for you and starts with its work.

Detect plagiarism by searching billions of sources

The plagiarism detector will be split your file individual sections, so-called phrases. These phrases will be checked with a special algorithm to compare them to billion online sources and looking for content that is duplicated in your thesis. This includes databases or open source papers. The plagiarism detector is available in dozends of languages.

Plagiarism detector in many languages
Plagiarism report plagiarism detector

The plagiarism report with detailed information about your paper and the found content. With colour coding for easy use.

The plagiarism report is send as a PDF to you. It shows the results of the plagiarism scan and marked the suspicious parts of your thesis and delivers the link to the found original source. The report additional shows the percentage of plagiarism in your thesis, assignment or paper. This figure should be beyond 5 %.

Sample plagiarism report after the plagiarism detector online

Plagiarism detector in just 10 minutes. Play it safe!

Play it safe. Leave nothing to chance!

Frequently asked questions on the plagiarism detector

This depends on the length of number of pages and words. A plagiarism detection of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis (60-80 pages) normally takes between 10 and 20 minutes. In the case of longer pieces of work (200-300 pages), the plagiarism detector can take up to an hour.

No! You can just upload your document, choose your payment method and then use the plagiarism detector without registration or a user account.

All publicly accessible online sources will be used in the plagiarism detection. Sources wich are only available as books or Databases where payment is required are excluded.

The plagiarism detector works in all languages.

No! For data protection reasons, we don’t save any of our customers’ uploaded documents. We delete them from our server within 24 hours!

If the book is online in a publicly accessible database, then the plagiarism detection will also find this source.

Sometimes a section of text is marked as suspected plagiarism even though it has been correctly cited. This happens if the software finds a further online source. In this case, the suspected plagiarism can be ignored.

The BachelorPrint plagiarism detector doesn’t save any uploaded work for data protection reasons, unlike Turnitin. Accordingly, we don’t rely on the same data base as Turnitin.

However, our plagiarism detector searches billions of publicly available sources on the World Wide Web.

Information: If the work is scanned for plagiarism in advance with Turnitin, and the university also uses Turnitin, there is a considerable potential risk for the writer. As Turnitin saves the uploaded work, this will then be in their database. If the university scans the same work on it, it will then be classified as complete plagiarism. We have already heard this a few times. The student’s work was therefore failed in the first instance and they had to prove that they had written the document saved by Turnitin.

It’s possible that the email has gone into your spam folder. In really rare cases, our email with the plagiarism report might have been blocked by your email provider and hasn’t been received. Please contact us at [email protected]. We will email you the plagiarism report manually.

For an overview, only text passages that might contain plagiarism are shown in the plagiarism report. The other pages where no plagiarism is suspected will not be shown.

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