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After uploading your paper, you can configure your binding and submit your order. You will get a free express delivery for your order!

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INNOVATIVE look inside function

You can easily check your research paper: use our look inside function! It enables you to browse through your paper online and see how it will look like when it’s ready.

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Online 3D configuration

Easily assemble you paper in the online print shop. You can see every adjustment to your binding in the 3D preview. PLUS: estimated date of delivery & price calculation.

Our Binding Recommendation

Thermal binding for paper printing is an affordable classic option

Among the students the thermal binding is the most frequently purchased for paper printing. The look of the thermal binding is simple & classic, so it can be used for most papers for printing and binding. In addition, students appreciate the low price and the short production time for the thermal binding.
  • Surface: Transparent front cover so the title page of your research paper is visible, cardboard cover with a textured surface
  • Range of Colors: Black, green, red, blue, gray, yellow, white
  • Our Recommendation: For binding a paper with a page count of 2 - 450

Price: from £12.90

Available immediately

Ordering Process

Research Paper printing and binding upload online shop

1. Upload Paper

In the BachelorPrint online shop you have to upload your paper for printing & binding as a PDF.

Research Paper printing and binding selection

2. Select binding

Configure your binding for your paper according to your wishes in the online shop of BachelorPrint.

Research Paper printing and binding configuration

3. Refine binding

Select cover embossing, book corners & ribbon. Check it online with our look inside function and place your order.

free delivery research paper

4. Next-day express

After printing & binding your research paper you will get a FREE next day express delivery wherever you want.

Online Configurator

NEW: final check with look inside function

With the help of our innovative look inside function, you can check your research work online before printing and binding. This way you can scroll through your research work before you order and check your formatting, tables, diagrams and figures. Even additional gadgets to your binding are displayed, such as CD self-adhesive sleeves, triangular corner pockets or large formatting and fold-out pages.

Research Paper printing look inside function

3D online configurator with live delivery date display and price calculation

While you are configuring your binding in our online print shop, you will get a 3D live preview of your finished binding with every adjustment. You also can see the estimated day of delivery and get a live price calculation.

Further Bindings

With premium leather book binding you will make a perfect first impression

If you look at all bindings, the leather bindings are by far the highest quality types of binding for paper binding. However, you should know that the leather book binding already sets the highest standard aesthetically and so there is no room for an extensive dissertation or thesis.
  • Surface: Textured leather look
  • Colors: Available in blue, green, black, red
  • Customized Embossing: In gold, silver, or black
  • Corners: In silver, gold or black
  • Ribbon: In gold, white, silver, black or blue
  • Our Recommendation: Binding a thesis with a page-count of 10 - 370

Price: from £22.90

Available immediately

Standard leather book binding the high-quality option for paper binding

If you decide on the standard leather binding, you have diverse options for adding refining details. Those details can further enhance your paper after binding and make it special.
For example, we advise you to individually emboss the cover and back when binding leather. In addition, ribbon and matching corners can be chosen after paper binding.
  • Surface: Smooth, shiny textured look
  • Available in: Black, blue, green, red
  • Individual Embossing: On leather binding in gold, silver, and black
  • Corners: In gold, silver, and black
  • Ribbon: In gold, silver, white, black and blue
  • Our Recommendation: Paper with a page-count of 10 - 370

Price: from £17.90

Available immediately

Spiral binding – the cheapest binding for paper printing

For paper printing the spiral binding is the most affordable option offered by BachelorPrint. You can choose a black metal or plastic spiral binding. The cover page of the paper is visible through the transparent front cover. That should further enhance the simple spiral binding.
  • Binding Options: Metal or plastic spiral
  • Surface: Transparent front cover so the title page of your thesis is visible, back page in textured surface
  • Back Page Colors: Green, black, blue, red, gray, yellow, white
  • Our Recommendation: For a research paper with a page count of 1 - 300 pages

Price: from £7.90

Available immediately

Softcover as a flexible paper binding for a creative design

A really popular paper binding is the softcover. It has a smart cover in a glossy magazine look. The softcover is perfectly suited, if you’d like to design a totally individual cover. We recommend it for paper binding.
  • Design: Printable cardboard cover for a customized design
  • Our Recommendation: For printing and binding papers with a page count of up to 150 pages
  • Binding: Cardboard cover with a magazine appearance using 300 g/m² premium paper

Price: from £22.90

Available immediately

BachelorPrint is the academic printing expert for students for printing and binding paper. You can give us your valuable contents and achieve the best aesthetic result for your paper with our capable hands. You can choose between five high-quality types of binding and give your paper a personalized touch. With our expertise you will give your research paper the best first impression!

We print exclusively on 100g/m² branded paper to reach the highest quality, so that the content of your research paper stand out even more. You have a large selection of bindings for your paper and add customized embossing to your leather binding. Our advanced technology and experience offers you highest quality and shortest production time.

With our help you will get the most out of your work! Choose a suitable paper binding now.

Our countdown above shows you until when you need to place your order to receive you binding on the next day, which also depends on your area. Order today – delivered tomorrow – with free express delivery!

Our recommendation:
Before printing, check your paper for plagiarism!

Comparison of Bindings

Premium leather binding

paper printing binding leather binding comparison
Standard leather binding

thesis printing binding premium binding comparison
Thermal binding

paper printing binding thermal binding comparison
Wire binding

paper printing binding spiral binding comparison

paper printing binding softcover comparison
configure now configure now configure now configure now configure now
Colors Black, blue, red, green Black, blue, red, green Black, blue, red, green, grey, yellow, white Black, blue, red, green, grey, yellow, white Customizable
Finish Textured, matte, soft, leather look Textured, shiny, smooth, leather look Clear front film, back page in leather look Clear front film, back page in leather look Glossy print-able cover in magazine look
Customized embossing Yes Yes No No No
Customized cover de-sign Yes
(Text and institution logo in either silver, gold or black)
(Text and institution logo in either silver, gold or black)
No No Yes
Self-adhesive CD case Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-adhesive triangular pocket Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corners Yes Yes No No No
Ribbon Yes Yes No No No
Number of pages 10 - 370 10 - 370 2 - 450 1 - 300 20 - 150
Price £22.90
Suitability for paper binding “Good" “Good" "Very good” “Satisfactory" “Good"
All info on bindings To premium leather binding To standard leather binding To thermal binding To spiral binding To softcover


We use the latest printing technologies to offer you the quickest production time for your paper binding. Be sure to order before the countdown above runs out if you want your paper to be produced on the same day. We produce and deliver within 24-72 hours, depending on your area. Good to know: delivery is also free!

Need more information? Head over to the online print shop to receive your exact delivery date calculation.

Of course, the price is crucial when it comes to paper printing. The price depends on your personal configuration, i. e. what binding you choose, how many pieces you order or whether you want extensions to your binding such as book corners or ribbons. It is also relevant how many pages you want to be printed and bound in your paper.

At BachelorPrint, we use 100 g/m² premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color – and black/white printing.

You can calculate the exact price for printing and binding your paper here: Print Shop

For the printing and binding of your research paper, you can choose between a usual copy shop or an online print shop.

Benefits of an online printing service are: easy ordering-process from wherever you are, delivery to your address + configuration of your binding with our 3D live preview and look inside-functionality to get a final look at your paper binding before placing an order!

This is a decision that you will need to make! Based on factors such as: the required number of copies you need, how important a paper is to your overall grade, and how many research papers will follow, we recommend using the low-cost thermal binding for simple papers. For theses and dissertations, a premium leather binding is a great option, as such an important piece of academic work requires an elegant binding!

Most printing services use 80 g/m²-paper for printing and binding a paper, but this is rather thin and therefore might be see through if you decide to print your research paper double-sided.

We recommend a 100 g/m²-paper because it not only looks more valuable but also feels that way. At BachelorPrint, this is the standard paper we use for printing a thesis and there are no additional costs to it. We also offer printing with 120 g/m²-paper.

If you want to know more about choosing the right paper for your thesis, follow this link to our article: Which paper for research paper printing & binding?

BachelorPrint offers the best value for money. Additionally, we present you with free delivery and a free embossing position (‘type of work’ position) for your project.

You want to save extra money? Check our page for free printing tips!

BachelorPrint as an online printing service offers you several advantages like:

  • FREE express delivery
  • No minimum order value
  • 3D live preview in the BachelorPrint print shop
  • Individual embossing on leather binding to make your paper shine
  • FREE ‘type of work embossing’ (e. g. bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation etc.)
  • High-quality bindings
  • Free 100 g/m² premium branded paper for brilliant colors and an elegant feel

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