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Our binding-recommendation

Thermal binding - recommended classic for assignment printing and binding

The thermal binding is to date the most popular type of binding for student assignments. You will be surprised about the good quality and the attractive price. It is the best binding for many copies of your assignment.

  • Back-Cover Colours: red, yellow, blue, green, gray, white or black
  • Surface: textured surface, transparent front cover
  • Our recommendation: Perfect for printing an assignment with 2 - 450 pages

Price: from £ 9,90

Available immediately.

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BRAND NEW: final check with BachelorPrint’s look inside-function

Use our look inside-function to check your assignment online before placing your final order in our shop. Save money and avoid mistakes like wrong formatting – your assignment should be perfect before you confirm the printing and binding of your assignment. The look inside-function shows your PDF file in an online illustration of your assignment with all your tables, diagrams and illustrations in colours.

Assignment printing and binding look inside
Assignment printing and binding

3D Online-Configurator PLUS delivery-date display and live price calculation

You want to see all your configurations of your assignment in a 3D live preview? No problem! With BachelorPrint’s 3D-configurator you see all your choices like corner protectors, ribbon bookmark or embossing.

Further bindings

Premium leather book binding – perfect impression when printing and binding your assignment

You can embellish leather book binding with customised text and logo embossing in gold, silver, or black. In addition, corners and a ribbon in a complementary colour will round off the whole look and give it the wow factor.

  • Customized embossing: in silver, gold and black
  • Surface: textured, leather-like-surface
  • Binding-Colours: red, black, green or blue
  • Ribbon: in blue, white, silver, gold and black
  • Book-Corners: in silver, gold and black
  • Our recommendation: An assignment with 10 - 370 pages

Price: from £ 19,90

Available immediately.

Assignment book binding with the Standard leather binding

This standard leather binding is perfect for a very important assignment. Compared to the premium option, the standard leather book binding is a lot shinier. But you also have all the refinement options.

  • Individual embossing possible on all leather binding
  • Embossing-Colours silver, gold and black
  • Surface: smooth & shiny
  • Available in this colour: red, blue, green or black
  • Ribbon in blue, white, silver, gold and black
  • Book-Corners in silver, gold and black
  • Our recommendation: An assignment with 10 - 370 pages

Price: from £ 15,90

Available immediately.

Spiral binding - the low-cost binding for your assignment

The back page of the spiral binding has a textured surface in leather look and is available in seven colours. The spiral binding is low-priced but also a professional binding for your assignment.

  • Colours: red, blue, green, gray, white, black or yellow,
  • Binding options: Plastic or metal spiral binding
  • Surface: Transparent front cover, back page in textured surface
  • Our recommendation: Assignment with 1 to 300 pages

Price: from £ 4,90

Available immediately.

Softcover: the individual binding for assignment

Use your imagination and creativity for your assignment. For this type of customised cover you should plan in some extra days so you can create the perfect cover.

  • Cover-Design: freely designable on printable paper
  • Binding: glossy-look, 300 g/m² premium paper
  • Our recommendation: up to 150 pages

Price: from £ 11,90

Available immediately.

You can expect a lot of benefits when you choose BachelorPrint for assignment printing and binding. You will get the next day express and the 100 g/m² premium branded paper for an elegant feel and brilliant colours for free.

Use our innovative technology in the BachelorPrint Online-Shop and enjoy your assignment in the 3D-Live-Preview. This one showes all your configurations you used to create your bindining before placing the order. And the Look inside-function will show your assignment one-to-one in a digital version with all our tables and graphics.

On top we give you the free express delivery without a minimum order value for all customers.

Our recommendation:

Before printing, check your assignment for plagiarism!

Comparison of bindings

Thermal binding
Premium leather bindingStandard leather bindingSpiral bindingSoftcover
essay printing binding thermal binding comparison
essay printing binding leather binding comparison
essay printing binding leather binding comparison
essay printing binding leather binding comparison
essay printing binding softcover comparison
configure nowconfigure nowconfigure nowconfigure nowconfigure now
ColorsRed, blue, black, green, grey, yellow, whiteRed, blue, black, greenRed, blue, black, greenRed, blue, black, green, grey, yellow, whiteCustomizable
FinishBack page in leather look, clear front filmTextured, matte, soft, leather lookTextured, shiny, smoothBack page in leather look, clear front filmPrintable, glossy cover in magazine look
Customized embossingNoYesYesNoNo
Customized cover designNoYes
(Text and logo of your institution, in either silver, gold, or black)
(Text and logo of
your institution, in either silver, gold, or black)
Self-adhesive CD caseYesYesYesYesYes
Self-adhesive triangular pocketYesYesYesYesYes
Number of pages2 - 45010 - 37010 - 3701 - 30020 - 150
Price£ 9,90
£ 19,90£ 15,90
£ 4,90
£ 11,90
Suitability for assignment bindingassignment thermal binding excellentassignment premium leather binding goodassignment standard leather goodassignment spiral binding satisfactoryassignment softcover good
All info on bindingsTo thermal bindingTo premium leather bindingTo standard leather bindingTo spiral bindingTo softcover

Frequently asked questions

BachelorPrint as online printing service offers you several advantages like:

  • Next day express delivery of your assignment (delivery within the EU)
  • 3D live preview in the BachelorPrint online shop
  • Live preview of the binding and refining for your assignment
  • Free 100 g/m² premium branded paper for an elegant feel and brilliant colours
  • Outstanding look thanks to the best types of binding
  • Customised embossing on leather binding of assignments

The perfect article for you: Which paper for thesis printing & binding?

If you want your assignment be professional bound we recommend a 100 g/m²-paper it not only feels very high-quality but also looks very high-class. Most copyshops only use 80 g/m²-paper for printing and binding a assignment, but this paper is too thin and seethrough if you want to print your assignment double-sided.

Which binding is right one for your assignment depends on the importance of the printed work. But we recommend the thermal binding. It is low-priced and professional at the same time!

Use for printing and binding of your assignment our handy online-shop. The online printing service from BachelorPrint provide you with the best choices for bindings and also gives you the best technology to create your perfect assignment. Enjoy the 3D live preview and the incredible look inside-function.

The price hardly depends on your personal configuration and how many copies of your assignment you need. You can easily configure your binding in our online-shop to see how much it would costs you.

But don’t forget: If you ordering your printing and binding from BachelorPrint you get a lot of things for free. For example the 100 g/m²-premium-paper, color-printing and of course the express delivery!

With our newest printing technology, our rehearsed team and fast production you will get your assignment in 24-48 hours. And the best part: delivery is free!

Check this article if you have more questions: print time for assignment printing & binding or calculate your date of delivery in our delivery date-calculator.

Check our page for free printing!

BachelorPrint offers the best deal without additional delivery costs.

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